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November 17, 2014

Our guest blogger today, Renee, is sister to the other recent Seattle blogger, is also from Seattle and also has two Havenese whom she brought to my two-day Dialogue® training clinic last month. Mia, about 4 years old, has been driven by a lot of anxiety, rarely sleeping undisturbed through the night. Renee is sharing her progress and breakthroughs from experiences during her first nine days post-clinic, starting with the last night in Missoula before their drive home.

Renee and Mia

Renee and Mia

While I hate to admit this, one thing that I struggle with with Mia is that when she seems anxious, then I get anxious, and then that makes her more anxious, and we just feed off each other. Well, when Judy shared the calming statement that she uses with dogs, “You are all right, it’s all right…” I took that to heart, and during the night when Mia would hear something and pick her head up and want to get up, I would just pet her and tell her, “It’s all right, you’re all right” until she lay back down and was calm. I did that about three times during the first night, and she did get calm whereas in the past I would just say something like “Lie down!” “Calm down!” “There is nothing to worry about!”– not in the most loving or calm way but in more of an agitated way. (If I had known how to be better, I would have been better–it took Dialogue® to show me the way!)

So the next morning when I was on my bed and the dogs were all around me, I didn’t feel agitated or annoyed with them in the least. They seemed more calm, thus I was more calm, and things were much more harmonious. Ahhhh, such a sense of freedom. Like Judy said, this is a lesson in character-building! I can sure use it!

On the drive home, when we stopped for a bit at McDonalds to take the dogs out, as I took Mia out of her crate, she was acting very nervous and agitated, I just took the time to pet her and again tell her, “You’re all right, it’s all right” until she calmed down, and then I put her collar on and took her out. It felt so good to have her calm before taking her out. I’m so grateful for the immediate progress! I’m so excited to see how Dialogue® is going to help with the harmony and peace in our home. I love Mia so much that I don’t want to be annoyed with her. I’m so grateful to know how to relieve her of the anxiety and bring healing to our home.

Within four days, Mia was beginning to sit on her own when I stop to lock my apartment when we go out.  I just say “Mia,” and she sits.  I’m still going through the motions, putting her there with a “that’s right,” even as she beats me to it.

One day I got back from doing a little grocery shopping. I was gone no more than 30 minutes, but length of absence never seemed to matter to Mia. She would still get excited and usually rather vocal upon my return. Today she looked up at me from the couch but did not jump down and come over and start barking. It feels so good to have her more calm.

Our ninth day home, when I returned from my office, I took Mia out to potty. The mailman was busy putting the mail in all of the boxes in the lobby. Mia has a thing for people in uniform! How she knows I can’t figure out, but one time one mailman gave her a treat, and since that day everyone who wears a uniform is her life-long friend! They draw her like a magnet, whether it is UPS, USPS, or FEDEX. But today when we passed by the mailman, her attention was on me! No barking or anxious jumping up. WOW! I think that’s a first! With Dialogue® and Judy’s email encouragement, I’m sure there will be many more “firsts!“

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